About Us

About Beanie's Breads

Beanie's Breads was established in 2020 and is built on a foundation of love, community. equality and a shared love of slow fermented sourdough breads. Beanies started out baking breads for family and friends (sorry for all of those flat hard Frisbee breads guys! thanks for sticking with me)! When the world exploded over George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain and many, many others, I wasn't able to protest due to medical issues. I decided to sell bread and donate proceeds to organizations that work tirelessly to eradicate racism and support equality. We still donate proceeds from every loaf sold today! Last but not least - why Beanie's? I've been asked if my breads are made from beans, I've been called Bennie...the list goes on. Way back when, in 1966 my grandfather walked into the hospital room to meet his son's 4th child. He took one look at me and said, "That's not Michele, that's Beanie and she's gonna be a ball player". The nickname stuck, I did become a ballplayer and when it came time to name my business - it just made sense.

About Beanie

Hiya! Thanks for being a fan of Beanie's Breads! So, a little about me, I am one of those happy, positive, light up the room kind of girls on the outside. Underneath all that sunshine is a strong, fierce, warrior with scars from surviving abuse as a kid and in a marriage, a warrior that decided that life was going to be different for my 3 kids. So I set out to do my part to change the world one thought, one word, action at a time. That eventually put me on the path to Beanie's Breads. It's not just bread, it's the interaction with people, the touching of lives and building communities. But I do hope you enjoy the bread! xoxoxo Beanie